Many businesses today could not survive without the use of mobile internet services. The same is true for many individuals on the go.

Mobile internet has become essential to the daily operations of thousands of people worldwide.

A lot of companies in Canada are opting to go with TELUS Mobile Internet for several reasons. Some of these reasons are:

  • Quality devices
  • Excellent customer service
  • Range of plans available
  • Constant internet connection

For consumers and businesses in the Manitoba region, MegaCell TELUS is an ideal option.

MegaCell TELUS

MegaCell TELUS is an authorized TELUS dealer that has been providing effective IT solutions for customers in Manitoba for more than a quarter century.

Beginning in 1991 as Mega Computers, the company later partnered with TELUS to specialize in mobility and telecommunications.There are now 6 in-store locations across Manitoba.

The area of focus may have changed, but you can still expect the same dedicated and knowledgeable service every time you deal with MegaCell TELUS.

Why is TELUS mobile internet so useful?

TELUS mobile internet has become an indispensable part of business operations for countless companies because of the power and connectivity of the service.

It basically offers users the mobility of a smartphone connection, combined with the power and functionality of a laptop or computer.

TELUS Mobile Internet Products and Services

There are a range of devices and plans available at MegaCell TELUS mobile internet services.

Whether you are an individual consumer or the owner of a business, there are products and plans suited to your specific needs.

Telus Mobile Internet Products

Some of the mobile internet devices to choose from at MegaCell TELUS are:

  • TELUS Smart Hub
  • Mobile Hotspot
  • Mobile Internet Key

TELUS Smart Hub

This is the most robust device for TELUS mobile internet connections, that allows for the highest number of users to connect.

Some of its notable features include:

  • Capability of connecting up to 32 devices at one time
  • Very effective for collaborative projects that involve a high umber of staff members
  • High-speed LTE Advanced connection from any location that provides download speeds of up to 300 MBPS

Mobile Hotspot

Not quite as powerful as the TELUS Smart Hub, but still allows up to 10 devices to connect simultaneously.

Some of the perks of the TELUS Mobile Hotspot include:

  • Device is equipped with a color display to keep you advised of any important information
  • Durable battery that lasts for up to 24 hours, so you can stay connected all day
  • Easily share files and data on a local and secure Wi-Fi network

Mobile Internet Key

This is a fantastic option for an individual consumer on the move. The mobile internet key is a USB key that plugs directly into your device to give you an instant high-speed, wireless internet connection.

The mobile internet key is extremely helpful for:

  • People who travel a lot
  • Mobile professionals that need a reliable, high-speed internet connection
  • Accessing work emails from remote locations

MegaCell TELUS Service Plans

Choose from a range of service plans to meet your particular mobile internet needs. Different plans are available depending on data usage and the number of devices you need to connect.

Advantages of TELUS Mobile Internet

There are many benefits when you subscribe to the mobile internet services at MegaCell TELUS.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Collaboration
  • Connectivity


Get an advanced LTE connection from almost anywhere in Canada. You no longer have to worry about slow speeds and dicey connections in remote locations.


Not only does mobile internet offer quality connections in remote locations, but can also be accessed from almost any device, such as:

  • Computer
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Phone system
  • Smart TV
  • Kiosk


Communication and collaboration for group products has never been easier. Share files and information from wherever you are.


MegaCell TELUS mobile internet gives you the option to set up a temporary office when you are traveling. Get a high-speed wireless internet connection for trade shows or temporary construction sites.




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