The TELUS Fleet Complete package can help you run your business more efficiently in several different ways. This powerful, cloud-based platform allows you to track all your company vehicles, assets, and employees in real time. This is extremely useful for organizing business operations to improve productivity and increase efficiency. Knowing where your vehicles and employees are at all times can greatly cut down on miscommunication, unauthorized use of vehicles, and extended breaks or personal time when employees should be working. TELUS Fleet Complete packages can be attained from an accredited TELUS dealer.

MegaCell TELUS

An excellent example of an authorized TELUS dealer operating in the Manitoba area is MegaCell TELUS. Established in 1991 as a company called Mega Computers, the focus was on repairing hardware and other computer services. Several years later Mega Computers partnered with TELUS to form MegaCell TELUS. The company’s focus is now directed towards telecommunications, but the same exceptional customer service remains unchanged. You can visit MegaCell TELUS at one of the 6 in-store locations throughout Manitoba, in:

  • Portage La Prairie, MB
  • Russell, MB
  • Carman, MB
  • Dauphin, MB
  • The Pas, MB
  • Flin Flon, MB

Or you can visit the online store.

MegaCell TELUS Fleet Complete Services

There is an assortment of useful services that come included in the TELUS Fleet Complete package. Three of the most impressive components are:

  • Asset tracker
  • Action tracker
  • Fleet tracker

TELUS Asset Tracker

This application is incredibly helpful for keeping track of valuable assets that move around from place to place, like heavy equipment, shipped packages, and other mobile cargo. A few of the greatest features of the asset tracker are:

  • Versatility
    • You have the ability to configure this app with all of your chosen settings and preferences for a personalized experience
  • Fuel checks
    • Receive updates when fuel levels are low on any of your equipment to prevent work stoppages
  • Preventing loss and theft
    • Get instant notifications about any unauthorized activity
  • Enhanced safety
    • Receive updates about significant developments like:
      • Extreme weather shifts
      • Doors that are ajar or unlocked
      • Power loss at work sites
    • Routine updates and reports on business activity and how to improve efficiency

TELUS Action Tracker

The Action Tracker is a fantastic way to consolidate communication between you, your employees, and your customers. Some of the remarkable features included in this app are:

  • Worker availability
    • See which of your workers is available in real time for any spontaneous tasks that may come up, or changes in plan
  • Live GPS location tracking for staff members on the move
  • Improving communication efficiency
    • Cut out the middle man by issuing tasks directly to workers instead of calling in to dispatch to see who’s available
  • Assign jobs and tasks instantaneously to workers in the field
  • Project management
    • Stick to important timelines for work projects
    • Make quick adjustments when complications arise
    • Minimize expenses to stay on budget
  • Send out mass messages to staff about any critical updates or developments
  • Time management for employees
    • Operates like an electronic punch clock to record staff activities and breaks

TELUS Fleet Tracker

This component of the Fleet Complete package is perfect for keeping a close eye on all your company vehicles. The Fleet Tracker is a scalable application that grows as your business grows. Some of the perks of this component are:

  • Tracking vehicle movement as it is happening
    • Speed
    • Location
    • Direction
  • Tracks data about vehicle performance, such as:
    • Engine data – health and performance
    • Fuel economy
    • Battery power
    • Vehicle status – is the key in the ignition? Are any of the doors open?
  • Updates about scheduled routine maintenance to keep vehicles performing at optimal levels
  • Satellite backup for any vehicles operating in remote areas

Advantages of TELUS Fleet Complete

There are plenty of benefits to using MegaCell TELUS for your TELUS Fleet Complete services. Some of the best advantages are:

  • Managing business operations
  • Streamlined communication
  • Better security

Improved customer service

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