For TELUS iPhone users, there are many incredibly useful business apps that can be used to help organize and improve productivity in your daily business practices.

Whether you are a business owner in charge of managing a team of employees, an entrepreneur, or involved in the business world on a daily basis, there are apps that can help you manage your time and stay on top of your tasks and activities.

These iPhone apps can help you stay connected to your colleagues and clients from any location, so you don’t miss any important updates or meetings.

Excellent iPhone and iPad Business Apps 2019

  • Smartsheet
  • Mailchimp
  • QuickBooks
  • Microsoft Office
  • Google Calendar

Smartsheet Business App

Smartsheet is a great project management app for your Apple iPhone or iPad. Managing any business project can be an onerous task because of all the moving parts and different things to keep track of.

Smartsheet can help you keep track of all your employees and their input on the project. Keep a current tab on who is involved in the project and to what degree.

You can also track by employee to see what projects they are currently working on.

This can all be done from the office, from home, or while you are out on the road. You will have the ability to offer feedback, make contributions to the project, and oversee operations from any location.

Smartsheet allows file sharing, creation of charts and graphics, timed alerts and updates, and more.

Stick to your timeline and stay on budget for any project with Smartsheet.


Building a solid email list is one of the best ways to expand your customer base and reach all potential customers on your list conveniently and effectively.

Mailchimp can help you easily create an email campaign to promote any new products or services you may want to publicize. You can also monitor the progress of the campaign with Mailchimp’s tracking features.

Mailchimp allows easy set up for:

  • Managing your client list
  • Adding new subscribers
  • Generating reports
  • Sending and tracking various campaigns

Practical and easy to use templates will help get you started. Through the content manager you can add images to your content to maximize promotion.

Mailchimp can be used in collaboration with your team for group projects.


QuickBooks is one of the most widely used accounting apps because of its comprehensive set of tools and easy to use interface.

QuickBooks is ideal for generating accurate estimates for your clients, and issuing professional invoices.

It is also a great app for keeping track of all your receipts and expenses. Expenses can be broken down into categories for more practical purposes.

Easily record all payments and sales, and personalize sales documents with your company logo and customized fields.

Microsoft Office

With apps like PowerPoint, Excel, and Word, Microsoft office can be very useful for a wide variety of business functions.

Microsoft Word is great for creating standard word documents that work across basically any platform.

Microsoft Excel is excellent for creating spreadsheets, tables, forms and performing a variety of calculations.

Microsoft PowerPoint is probably the most widely used presentation app because of its simplicity for creating presentations and practical display.

All files created with Microsoft apps are automatically stored to OneDrive making it easy for group collaboration and monitoring.

Google Calendar

One of the most useful apps for assimilating all your tasks and activities is Google calendar.

Never get caught off guard by a forgotten meeting or important event with google calendar.

Not only is google calendar an effective way to keep track of your important endeavors, it can also synch all of your calendar events across all the different platforms you use under your google account.

You can even set up reminders, so you are completely prepared for deadlines and upcoming events.

G-Suite allows you to collaborate with colleagues to simplify scheduling.

TELUS iPhone models

These are all compatible and free to download with your Apple iPhone or iPad.

Some of the most recent TELUS Apple smartphones on the market include:

  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone Xs

iPhone Xs Max

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